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Experius helps people find work in the area that they love.

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Experius Recruitment are specialists in helping self employed people find opportunities they love, on their own terms.

Work under our existing brands

We operate a number of brands including that include work within the events industry. We’ve helped a number of clients launch their own events business, find job opportunities in various sectors and choose the work they want on the hours they choose.

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Find your dream job

Beer Tasting Expert

If you like beer and know a bit about it, you could be an ideal candidate to work with us on beer tasting events in your area.

Gin Tasting Expert

Do you know your gin? Then why not explore working with us creating gin tasting events in your local city.

Working with Experius has allowed us to find experts who know a thing or two about beer for our regular brewery tours.

— UK Brewery Tours​

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Get in touch with us if you are looking for work opportunities in your area and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day. Just email for more details.

Can I choose my own hours?

Yes, Experius was designed for people who want to choose their own hours and set their own terms for work. You’ll be able to work when you want.

Do I need to be an ‘expert’?

Having knowledge of your field is always going to give you a head start however many of our partners have developed skills over time. We’re keen promoters of life long learning and are always learning new things ourselves.